Even The Landlord Has Told Me To Quit…

Even The Landlord Has Told Me To Quit…

Nothing makes you feel like more of a failure than an email from the landlord labelled ‘food for thought’ telling you that you should close the shop and go back to just being online. Although it was well meaning and came from a place of support, it does make you think well if they would rather see another shop empty at Brooklands Square then they really must want me gone. 

Every time I have said the shop is struggling I knew it was a possibility that I would have to close but something in the back of my head told me that I would figure it out. This time though I have exhausted all options ten times over and I really think it is the end. I don’t want it to be of course, I have so much more I want to achieve with Shrimp & Doodle but with all the 1st September bills now overdue the plans for the future just seem so out of reach right now. 

My passion has always been to make a difference in my local community, is that where I went wrong? All my posts on the local groups were advertising the free period packs and free craft sessions, the things that don’t make me money but do bring me so much joy. Should I have posted about the sweary pens instead so that more people came in to buy stuff. Who knows. What I do know though is although it may be my downfall, I am proud that I was a business that had community at the centre of what I do and I made a difference to a lot of people. 

I am holding out for those six empty units around me to be filled, with the square being the only shops in Brooklands it should be the hub of the community. Realistically though, having been in here for two years now I know that these units will not be filled any time soon and without them, the footfall is non existent. I do however have an update on that front. They have changed to a new agent now, this was confirmed to me a few weeks ago and I saw the new signage earlier. It seems the Chinese Takeaway, Dance Studio, Dessert Shop & Indian Restaurant may have all pulled out as it was October last year I was told that they were due to move in imminently but I still hold out hope.

I once saw another local MK business say how deflated they feel when they only get £50 in sales on a bad day. £50 in sales is a good day in my shop and I need at least three times that just to break even! I just can’t keep doing it but I also can’t walk away from something I’ve worked so hard to build and then the tightness in my chest starts and I just feel shitty. No job should make you feel this stressed but when it is your own business everything falls on your shoulders and you have to keep going or you lose even more money.

I will keep going as long as I can, posting all about the shop and the website and hoping that this is the month it all takes off and I stop living month to month with every penny going on bills - which are always paid late! Thank you for supporting Shrimp & Doodle, even if this is the end of the road I know I can walk away knowing I did make a difference. I will still feel like a massive fucking failure but a failure that made a difference!

Kayleigh x 

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