How To Increase Your Income When You’re Not Built For OnlyFans

How To Increase Your Income When You’re Not Built For OnlyFans

I have been thinking of ways to increase my income while I wait patiently for Places For People to fill the empty units around me. They were built in 2019, I moved in Aug 2021 and so far only two units have moved in after me. We still have another six.

The footfall is just not going to be there for a long time yet and most days I am paying to come into an empty shop to package up website orders and go home! It honestly is ridiculous but the shop is my dream and I feel like I am just starting to make a real difference to my community so I can’t give up yet.

I have been getting emails from Amazon for years about how I am eligible for their influencer programme, I assume that is due to the high number of followers on PPD. I finally bit the bullet and signed up. I always get asked where things are from and always happy to answer. It just means now that I get a small percentage of commission for every purchase through my link. It looks like you get commission from any purchase not just the ones in my storefront so please click the link before you shop on Amazon as the referral lasts for 24 hours. 

Much to my amazement, when I checked out the report earlier, there has been 25 purchases via my link today! I am so grateful, honestly. If you have followed for a while you will know I’m quite anti influencer so I do feel like a massive hypocrite! I just want to do good things in my community and unfortunately without some extra income it is going to have to close down. 

This is the link just copy and paste it any time you’re ready to shop on Amazon and I will be able to earn some commission from the referral.

I hope it goes without saying but just to confirm I have only added products that I use and would genuinely recommend. There is nothing worse than buying something an influencer has posted about only for it to turn up and be a pile of shit. Yes I’m speaking from experience, I have been stung a few times hence my anti influencer stance!

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Haha love this title! Have ordered from your link thank you, good luck!


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