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Pastel Rainbow Vinyl Name Decals

Pastel Rainbow Vinyl Name Decals

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Suitable for drinks bottles and other hard surfaces, these vinyl decals will brighten up your product of choice. If you haven’t applied a vinyl decal before don’t worry they come with full instructions, making it easy for you to understand and apply with ease.

There are a few different sizes to choose from so make sure you measure the length of the product you want to apply it to before ordering. 

To ensure a smooth application (no pun intended!) you will receive transfer tape attached to your name decal to help you apply it. I will also include an alcohol wipe to clean the area to ensure it sticks well and a test decal which is usually a small shape like a heart or star which you can use to practice your application technique before you have a go with your real decal. If you are ordering more than one decal I will make sure you have enough wipes but you won’t need one for every decal so to save waste I will include how many I feel you need. 

How to personalise your order:

Once you have finished shopping please click the BASKET page. 

Scroll down to the last product in your basket. Below this you will see the text box that you need to add the name in. It is below the last product but above the payment method buttons like Shop Pay. 

Once you have typed all the personalisation required you can click the payment method and checkout. DO NOT click shop pay and checkout before adding the names. You have gone too far by this point and the text box will not appear, you must go to the basket page first. You can add all the names in the same box. 

Rainbow vinyl: please note that due to the placement of the rainbow vinyl the colours you receive may not be identical to the photo and it is not possible to cater for any requests to include specific colours. If you choose a bigger size then it is likely you will receive most if not all of the colours but a shorter vinyl you may only get a couple of the colours.

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